Thank you to our 2020 donors!


Thank you to our 2020 donors! We are so thankful for the contributions to the NFAA & NFAA Foundation. COVID-19 has hit the entire country hard, and we know how much more a donation means in current times. There are brighter days ahead, and we will all need the camaraderie of our archery family when we come out on the other side of this crisis.

We want you to know that we will put all donations to good use, to continue our mission of offering the best archery events, scholarships, programs, and facilities in the world!

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$500 & Over $25 & Under
Kirk & Penny Menard Dave Barnsdale
$100 & Over Kevin Miller
Tim Gohla Mike Palmer
Lynn Hoch Jack Partridge
Noah Coyle Christian Taniyama-Mento
Rachel Rineheart Charlotte Clines
William Schultz Dennis Kenaston
Buck Yates Raylie Seyler
James Hart Larry Guptill
Gerald Kendall Charles Huestis
D. Kossler Bob Butler
Zachary Raizen T.J. Nish
David Villarreal Billy Colbert
Richard Winkle Marty Garlick
Kristen Nelson Kenneth Sarvia
$100 & Under Brad Helmuth
Colt Collom Bernie Punzalan
Camryn Swann Jeff Raney
Grace Barr Danielle Stauffacher
Elizabeth Bloss Richard Stonebraker
Zachary Jackson $10 & Under
Ronald Walker Elena Caballero
Jen Grissman David Garrison
Dwight Peschong Kathleen Jacques
Floyd Allen Michael Vrooman
Denny Fokken David Townsend
Martha-Kelly Bone Reginald “Shorty” Faber
Donald Lamb Richard Maxson
Thomas Evans George Connors
Rich Tiberg Nick Pfeiffer
Sam Morello Terry Harris
Larry Edwards
Richard Harrington
Thomas Harrington