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Art Young Bowhunter Awards

Bowhunter pins are earned based on the number of Big Game and Small Game awards received. The four levels of Bowhunter are Bowhunter, Expert Bowhunter, Master Bowhunter and Grand Master.A person may be awarded the Bowhunter pin/patch when he/she has earned the ArtYoung Small Game arrowhead pin and one four bar, and two Big GameArrowhead pins. A person may be awarded the Expert Bowhunter Pin when he/she has earnedBowhunter Pin plus one additional four bar and one additional Big Gamearrowhead pin. A person may be awarded the Master Bowhunter Medal when he/she has earnedthe Expert Bowhunter Pin plus three additional four bars and three additional BigGame arrowhead pins. A person may be awarded the Grand Master Bowhunter Pin when he/she hasearned the Master Bowhunter Pin two additional times. He/she will earn onedegree each time he/she completed the Master Bowhunter pin requirements; i.e., 1stdegree master, 2nd degree master, Grand Master on 3rd degree. All applications must be made to the NFAA Headquarters. Another NFAAmember must make verification that all species, to the best of his knowledge, werelegally taken. No application will be accepted by NFAA without such verification.