Explore Bowhunting

Explore Bowhunting delivers hands-on lessons about gear, tactics and wildlife to teach bowhunting to beginners. Through a partnership with the Archery Trade Association (ATA), the NFAA is now offering this ATA created program to spark interest and passion for bowhunting.

The program enriches students’ wildlife encounters through bowhunting lessons like reading signs, judging distances and building natural blinds. It emphasizes wildlife habits and habitats, strengthens students’ appreciation for nature, and equips them with the knowledge, confidence and skills to enjoy bowhunting for years to come.

Through a series of comprehensive activities and presentations, the course teaches students with no previous bowhunting experience the basics to get started. Students will be introduced to both the equipment and field skills hunters utilize to be successful. Explore Bowhunting activities teach students to recognize animal signs, build ground blinds, judge distances, make animal calls, and more. It’s designed to teach students how to feel comfortable in the outdoors whether the goal is to bowhunt, photograph wildlife, or interact with nature for any purpose.

Courses can be structured in a variety of formats, including week-long half-day camps, week-long full day camps, four half-day sessions, 6-week after-school programs, and many more. Customize the course based on your audience and course goals.

The NFAA is offering train the trainer sessions to affiliated clubs and shops who are interested in providing the course to members and customers.


  • A comprehensive instructor’s curriculum guide with 23 activities
  • Audio CD and DVD’s
  • Anatomy Flipchart
  • Student Handbooks
  • Skills Index
  • Spanish Language Version of the Curriculum Guide and Student Handbook are available
  • Optional Bowhunting Instructor Equipment Kit
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Awards Programs

Explore Bowhunting Awards

We are currently developing an awards program to accompany the course and will be releasing more information soon.

Art Young Awards

The Art Young program offers a variety of Big Game and Small Game awards for NFAA Bowhunters. The purpose of the Art Young awards is to promote interest in bowhunting, to encourage good sportsmanship and to give recognition by the organized field archers to their members who obtain game with the bow.

An Art Young Big Game pin and a NFAA Big Game patch shall be given for the first example of each species taken with a bow and arrow. The Art Young Small Game Arrowhead Pin shall be given upon taking the first six species of small game. An Art Young Small Game patch shall be available. For each additional four species taken by a member an additional award in the form of a bar with the number four shall be presented to the hunter. There shall be no limit to the number of bars, which may be earned.

Bowhunter pins are earned based on the number of Big Game and Small Game awards received. The four levels of Bowhunter are Bowhunter Pin, Expert Bowhunter Pin, Master Bowhunter Pin and Grand Master Pin.

For complete award rules and information, view Article XII of the NFAA Bi-Laws. Visit our online store to view the available patches and apply for an award.


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