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First Dakota Classic



Join us in Yankton, SD for the 3rd leg of the 2014 3 Star Tour. The Tour wraps up with the Classic 600 round. The First Dakota Classic attracts top archers from across the country! All archers that participate in all 3 Star tournaments will shoot off for a chance at a brand new car or $10,000. Watch Kris Schaff and Scott Starnes as they try for 2 perfect 600 rounds to win the $1,000,000. Even though the $1,000,000 has yet to be claimed, Yankton's state-of-the-art indoor facility will make this year's race tighter than ever.

The NFAA Classic 600 Round will be shot each day. Each round on Saturday and Sunday will consist of 4 ends of 5 arrows shot at 3 distances. 4 minutes allowed for each end. The target will be the 6-ring center spot of the 92 cm WAF target face with gold-red-blue, etc. (10 through 6) scoring areas. The X ring will be used as a tiebreaker in the Flight Divisions and for 4th place and below in the Championship Divisions. Cub distances will be 10-20-30 yards, Youth distances will be 30-40-50, and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 40-50-60 yards.

Participants may enter either a Championship Division or a Flight Division. You will remain in the same division all two days. The number of entries in that division will determine the number of places offered. The tournament guarantees 70% payback for each Championship and Flights division based on attendance.