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First Dakota Classic Rules

4 ends of 5 arrows at 92cm multi color targets
Compound bow peak draw weight shall not exceed the following:
  • Compound Divisions - 80 lbs
  • Recurve Divisions - 60 lbs
The NFAA Classic 600 Round will be shot each day. Each round on Saturday and Sunday will consist of 12 ends of 5 arrows shot at 3 distances. Four minute time allowance for each end.
The target will be the 92 cm. single spot target face with gold - red - blue etc. (10 through 1) scoring areas. The X ring will be used for tie breaks in the Flight Divisions and for 4th place or below in the Championship Divisions. Cub distances will be 10-20-30 yards, Youth distances will be 30-40-50 yards, and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 40-50-60 yards. You may enter either a Championship Division or a Flight Division. You will remain in the same division both days. The number of places offered in each Championship Division will be determined by the number of entries in that division. The tournament guarantees the first place for each division will not change; however, subsequent places will be based on attendance. This will guarantee that prize money is paid out fairly based on registration by division.
Flights will be determined after the final round of competition on Sunday. The method(s) used for determining the flights can be any combination of scores for competition. This will be done at the discretion of tournament management.
It is the intent of the tournament to break all ties. Championship Division ties for first, second, and third place will be determined by the highest total score from all days of competition (X’s will not be used to determine ties). All competitors tied with the same high score at the end of the competition will compete in a shoot off to determine final places. Each archer’s placement in the tournament will be determined by the order in which he/she drops out of the shoot off. If more than one archer drops out of the shoot off in the same end, those archers will be placed based on their total score and X count, including the score and X’s accumulated in the shoot off, then first day score, first day X’s and so on.
All other ties will be broken by the highest score in the following sequence: 1) Total X’s, 2) 1st Round Score, 3) 1st Round X’s, 4) 2nd Round Score, 5) 2nd Round X’s, 6) 1st end through 30th end, and 7) 1st arrow through 60th arrow.
Target X-ring, used for the purpose of breaking ties, will be scored outside-in (arrow touching outside of line scores as an X).