Host Locations – FAQ

Host Locations – Frequently Asked Questions

A: We need to know the maximum number of archers you can accommodate over your selected weekend(s). This is the "inventory" number we will use to cut off your registration for the weekend. It is important to remember that each archer needs to shoot two scores on two separate days. We also recommend only shooting 2 archers to a target to allow for proper social distancing.

If you need to update this number, please contact us as soon as possible. We can update on the Sport80 registration.

A: Yes. If your event sells out, archers will be alerted on their registration that your location is no longer available. They will be able to contact us with their information and will be added to your location's waiting list.

If cancellations occur or additional spots are added, we will contact the waiting list in the order the requests are received.

A: Please contact us with the name of your location, date of event, and the number of archers you would like to add to your event "inventory". This will open additional spaces for archers to register.

If your location was previously sold out, we may have a waiting list of archers that would like to register at your location. We will give anyone on the waiting list preference (in the order the request was received) before opening to the general membership.

A: No. The NFAA does not need to know your line times. Each club can create a schedule that best fits their location.

Once registration closes for each weekend, you will receive a list of your registrants with their contact information. You will then split them up on line times and notify them of their assignments. If you already know your line time schedule, we recommend publishing it on your event website or a Facebook event. Given this is a national championship, we highly encourage archers competing in the same division to be placed on the same line, but this is not required.

Does your club or shop have a Facebook page? To help in recruiting archers, create a Facebook event!

Here's how to create a public Facebook event:

1. From your News Feed, click Events in the left menu.
2. Click + Create Event on the left side.
3. Click Public Event, then click Next. Anyone will be able to see your event and search for it, even if you aren't friends.
4. Fill in the event name (ClubMailingAddress.City Location: NFAA Indoor National-Quarantine Edition), location, date, time and description.
5. Choose who can edit and post in your event and then click Create. You'll be taken to your event where you can invite guests, add a cover photo or video, share posts and edit event details.
6. Important step! Once the event is created, make sure to add National Field Archery Association as a co-host. This will allow the event to appear on the NFAA Facebook page. Under Additional Details click Event Settings and search National Field Archery Association in the Co-Hosts field. Save and Update event. NFAA hq will approve requests as they come in.
7. Use the event page to post event updates regarding your Indoor National location.
8. See an example event at

A: The names provided on your contract will be approved by your state Director or sectional Councilman the week of November 2-6. Once approved, those names will be provided a short (~one hour) online certification course that will be required for this event. There is no charge for this course. It will be available for completion 11/3 through 11/16. Even judges that are currently certified through the NFAA will need to complete the course as it contains information unique to this event. This course will only grant certification for the December 2020 virtual event and not for future events.
A: We will be using the Ianseo mobile app for electronic scoring. The NFAA will provide each host location with Ianseo scoring app signage for participants that will include instructions on how to submit the electronic scores. Electronic scoring will be done on an individual's smartphone or tablet (IOS and Android). Scores can be input after each end of scoring or they can be input altogether at the conclusion of the round. The NFAA will also provide an alternative method for the few individuals who do not have access to a device. NFAA staff will be available to assist with any technical difficulties during all tournament hours. We will also be putting together some online tutorials that will be emailed in advance to the archers. No results will be final until all official scorecards have been received.
A: No. Since this is a national-level event, archers may only register in ONE division and ONE location and will remain in the same division for the duration of the event. Archers that register in more than one location or division will have the additional registrations disqualified and will forfeit any registration fees paid.
A: Click here to view the fundamentals of an indoor round! Each archer will shoot one standard NFAA Indoor Round each day, for two days during their registered event dates (2 rounds total). Each standard round will consist of 60 arrows shot at a distance of 20 yards. Cubs will shoot at 10 yards. Each round shall consist of twelve ends of five arrows per end. Both rounds must be shot on the same event weekend.

All official rounds should be shot on the official Maple Leaf NFAA Indoor dual-spot target. Competition targets will be provided by the NFAA for all locations. This is to ensure that all archers are competing on a level playing field.

A: Yes. The archers will still be provided with x2 scorecards: 1. the official scorecard (colored cardstock) 2. the receipt scorecard (white cardstock). All scorecards for pre-registered archers will be mailed to the host location. Additional instructions will be provided for late registrations.

Colored scorecards will be turned in to the tournament official (at each location) within 30 minutes of the end of the assigned round. White scorecards should be kept by the archer until the official scores are posted at the conclusion of ALL location dates (approximately December 28, 2020). In the rare occasion that a scorecard is misplaced, it is the archer’s responsibility to submit a copy of their white scorecard for score verification. We are recommending that all archers take a photo of their white scorecard upon completion of the round.

The Host will mail the colored copy of each scorecard to the NFAA via a prepaid envelope. Scorecards must be postmarked no later than the Tuesday following competition. Failure to return the official scorecards to headquarters may result in a $50 late fee per day, charged to the Host.

A: Archers must have a minimum of 3 archers in a scoring group. If there are only 2 archers assigned per target, 2 targets should score together to create a scoring group of 4 archers. If possible, please break up families and close acquaintances into separate scoring groups.
A: To provide the most efficient communication, the NFAA will be communicating via text with the host locations.

To subscribe, text “join” to 605-250-3042 from your mobile device.

A: The Host Location must ensure that local COVID-19 guidelines are followed. We encourage you to look at any city, county, or state mandates that are currently in place. Click here to view a sample protocol. This protocol was used for the NFAA National Roundup in September.

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