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35th Annual Indoor National Championship

SUNDAY SHOOTING TIMES: All Junior Divisions at 7:30AM, all Adult Divisions at 11:00AM and all Senior and Professional Divisions at 2:30PM. 

Join us on the second leg of the 15th Annual 3 Star Tour. The NFAA Indoor National brings together the top NFAA archers from around the U.S. The 2014 NFAA Indoor National Championships showed extreme growth with over 1,600 participants. The KY Convention Center offers a top notch venue that combines the competition and trade show in a single hall.

The National tournament is open to all current NFAA and USA Archery members. The round shot is NFAA 300 at blue/white face. Archers’ choice single or 5 spot target shooting 12, 5 arrow ends at 20 yards, total score of 300 per day. For equipment questions, please reference the NFAA Constitution and Bylaws or contact your NFAA State Director