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Outdoor National Target Championship Information

The NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships will be held on September 25 – 27 in Yankton, South Dakota. This article may help answer some questions you still have about the upcoming tournament.

Fall Game Recipes

As September approaches, so will the fall hunting season. We found a couple recipes for you to try out this fall with your game. Includes venison recipes and a turkey recipe.

Pro Profile: Alex Wifler

A new section dedicated to profiling the top Professional archers. This week we caught up with Alex Wifler, the 2015 Vegas Shoot Champion. Get a closer look at how Alex prepares for top level tournaments.

World Archery Congress Presents Award to NFAA President

The 51st World Archery Congress was held July 24th - 25th, 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark where many prestigious awards were received. Bruce Cull, NFAA President, received a silver plaquette.

Pro Profile: Kendall Woody

Kendall Woody is the 2015 National Outdoor Field Professional Men's Freestyle champion. Kendall ended up in a shoot off against Jesse Broadwater. This is Kendall's first big win in the professional division. We wanted to get to know the first time winner, so here's his responses.

Try Archery: Archery Bowling

A simple game for archers of all ages and skill levels. The main purpose of this activity is to reinforce the archer's form. To find out how to play and what supplies you need to play, read the full post.

Try Archery: Indoor Flint Round

Many clubs and shops don’t have regular access to a wooded field course, yet they can still provide a field experience where archers shoot at varying distances. The NFAA has provided guidelines for an indoor field simulation in the form of the Indoor Flint Round.

Archery: A Family Sport

The NFAA catches up with the Button family, longtime NFAA members, for a quick Q&A. Jeff, a NFAA Senior Pro; Jessica, Adult Female Freestyle & Danny, an up and coming Adult Male Freestyle shooter have become familiar faces at NFAA tournaments.

Perkins Falls One Arrow Short of the $1 Million Prize

Chris Perkins maintained he wasn’t nervous as he chased archery history. All he needed to do was record another perfect round Sunday and he would leave Yankton with the sport’s first-ever $1 million prize. “If you get yourself thinking a little bit too much in this game, it really takes a toll on you,” Perkins said after his round Sunday at the First Dakota Classic, a weekend tournament held at the Easton Yankton Archery Complex. “I just tried to keep calm and cool and stuck with my shots.”

35th Annual Indoor Nationals Dedicated to Its Founder Bennie Mooer

If you have been around the NFAA over the past few decades, you may have heard the name Bennie Mooer. Not only did Bennie serve as nearly every position in the organization but he was also a major advocate for starting the NFAA Indoor National tournament.