Shout-Out to these Robinhood recipients!


These three NFAA members submitted photos and applications to join the Fellowship of the Robinhood! Congratulations to Jesse Kreger, Alexus Snyder, and Evelyn Vondrachek! Per the NFAA Constitution- “Any member who telescopes an arrow, previously lodged in the highest scoring area of a target during an NFAA sanctioned event, shall be eligible for recognition in […]

Outdoor National Target Championships 2019 Recap


In September 2019, around 250 archers gathered at the NFAA Headquarters in Yankton for the Outdoor National Target Championships. The two days of intense competition also overlapped with the Adult Academy. In its fourth year, the three-day academy covered all facets of archery competition and participants received 1-on-1 tips from top professional archers. The 2-day […]

2019 NFAA Outdoor Field Nationals Tournament


The 74th Annual NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships in Yankton, SD was hosted by the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center July 26 – 28, 2019. A total of 402 archers competed over this 3 day tournament which featured 1 field, 1 hunter, and 1 animal round. Participants are required to shoot one of each round. Preceding with […]

2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the 2019 National Field Archery Association Board of Directors Meeting NFAA Headquarters – Yankton, South Dakota General Session – Monday July 29, 2019 General Assembly Meeting called to order by President Brian Sheffler at 8:00 AM. Invocation: led by Doug Joyce. Pledge of Allegiance, led by William Hall, Sergeant of Arms. Alternate Directors: […]

Field Archery 103 – The Animal Target Field Round


Article by Rod White The third and final form of the NFAA’s field target rounds is called the “Animal” round.  For most archers, of the three types of field formats, the Animal round is considered to be the most enjoyable round.  As in the other two rounds, archers will shoot a total of 28 targets […]

Your Guide to the Outdoor Field Nationals 2019


During the month of June, the NFAA Bowhunting and Event Coordinator Rod White has been publishing photos on our Facebook Page of the Badlands Range in Yankton, at the NFAA Headquarters. The 74th annual NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships, July 26-28, 2019 is a 3–day tournament that features 1 field, 1 hunter, and 1 animal round.  Participants are […]

Field Archery 102 – The Hunter Target Field Round


Article by Rod White In the last blog, we discussed the fundamentals of the “Field” target round. Today I’m going to highlight the differences between the “Field” target round and the “Hunter” target round.  In most competitors’ eyes, this is an easier round and historically the scores reflect that perception. In this round, there are […]

Field Archery 101 – The Field Target Round


Field Archery is one of the most technical competitions for competitive archers with its roots based in the National Field Archery Association. This year marks the 74th annual NFAA Outdoor National Field Championships and will be held in Yankton, SD July 26-28. For those of you who are new to Field Archery, this article will […]

Anderson, Tedford, Hansen Sweep the First Dakota Classic


The final stage of the 3-Star Tour took place April 12-14, 2019 in Yankton, SD. The First Dakota Classic is an indoor distance tournament featuring the NFAA Classic round. The Classic Round includes a qualification round shot at 40, 50 and 60 yards, followed by head-to-head elimination matches shot at 60 yards. It’s also a […]

SDAA Travel Scholarship


The South Dakota Archers Association (SDAA) awarded $1,700 in travel scholarships to four junior archers at their SDAA Indoor State Tournament this weekend in Yankton, SD. The recipients were awarded based on essay submissions and are required to travel to a sectional or national NFAA event outside of South Dakota. Award winners are pictured, left […]

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