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Two Archers Remain in Pursuit of $1,000,000

Yankton, SD-

As we head into the final leg of the 2014 3 Star Tour, only two archers remain clean and in pursuit of the $1,000,000 prize. Two perfect 600 rounds at the First Dakota Classic stand between archers Kris Schaff and Scott Starnes and $1,000,000. Schaff recently won the NFAA Indoor Nationals in an 8 person shoot off that included Starnes. Even though the $1,000,000 has yet to be claimed, Yankton's state-of-the-art indoor facility will make this year's race tighter than ever.  

Over 400 archers have qualified for the annual car shoot off, April 12 at the First Dakota Classic.  Archers, all ages and divisions, that have participated in all 3 Star tournaments will shoot off for a chance at a brand new car or $10,000. Think you may qualify for the shoot off? Here is how it all works...

You must compete/have competed in the following 2014 tournaments:  
1. The Vegas Shoot, February 7-9
2. NFAA Indoor Nationals, March 15-16
3. First Dakota Classic, April 12-13
The format will be as follows..
All archers will shoot at a NFAA 1-spot target.  The target is the exact dimensions of the standard blue/white 40cm for the x-ring, bullseye and 4 – 3 - scoring rings.  The coloring is different and there are no 1 and 2 scoring rings.  Everyone will shoot 1 arrow from a distance of 10 yards with a time limit of one minute.  Anyone that does not match the highest score will be eliminated.  Everyone remaining will then shoot another arrow at 15 yards with identical scoring.  Everyone will follow the same format shooting 5 yards further every arrow.  When you do not tie the highest score from that distance, you are eliminated.  If the remaining shooters are all eliminated at the same distance, they will shoot again scoring inside out at the same distance.  The maximum distance will be 60 yards. If a tie remains at 60 yards, the remaining archers will continue to shoot at this distance, scoring inside out. This will be done until all shooters are eliminated, determining the  shoot off winner.  There will be no allowance for equipment failure.
For the qualifying tournaments, you may register in any Class/Division you choose but you must shoot for score in all 3 tournaments.  Archers do not have to compete in the same division/shooting style at all three tournaments. Crossbows will not be allowed for the shoot off. The 2014 shoot off will take place immediately following the last line on Saturday, April 12th at the First Dakota Classic.  
The Early Bird Registration Deadline for the 2014 First Dakota Classic is April 1, 2014.  Click Here to Register Today.