Our Purpose

The National Field Archery Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the sport of archery and is the largest field archery organization in the World. Founded in 1939, the NFAA now consists of 49 chartered state associations and nearly 1,000 affiliated clubs. The NFAA is a member of the International Field Archery Association and a national allied organization of USA Archery.

The NFAA promotes numerous shooting styles including freestyle, freestyle limited, barebow, bowhunter freestyle, freestyle limited recurve, longbow, traditional, and crossbow. NFAA competition divisions include Cub, Youth, Young Adult, Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, Master Senior, and Professional. Several national championship tournaments—outdoor field, outdoor target, indoor, and marked 3D­—are hosted each year, and draw over 3,000 archers. The organization also hosts eight sectional indoor and eight sectional outdoor championships. The NFAA sanctions more than 100 state-championship level tournaments and thousands of club shoots, in addition to many popular league programs and mail matches. The most well-known NFAA event is the annual 3 Star Tour. The Tour includes The Vegas Shoot in Las Vegas, NV, the NFAA National Indoor in Louisville, KY, and the First Dakota Classic in Yankton, SD. The 2019 3 Star Tour totaled more than 5,000 archers and thousands of spectators. Archers that compete in all 3 Star events can participate in a shoot-off for $10,000 during the First Dakota Classic.

Membership in the NFAA includes many benefits. Members receive four issues of Archery, a magazine highlighting the thoughts, accomplishments, and activities of NFAA members. The NFAA also offers a liability insurance program in partnership with Sadler Insurance for affiliated clubs, state associations, and pro shoots. The joint Certified Instructor Program, shooting and equipment clinics, and shooter’s schools are accessible in all 50 states. Many awards for skills, service, and membership can be earned by meeting benchmarks. Additionally, NFAA members may compete at USA Archery national and regional events, and USA Archery members may compete at NFAA national and sectional events.

The purpose of the National Field Archery Association, as defined in the NFAA Constitution and Bylaws, is: (1) To unite field archery associations of states into one organized unit that will work uniformly and effectively in providing for the development of the sport of archery in conformance with the will of a majority of the membership. (2) To provide the basic plan by which individual archers can organize into clubs that join together to form an Association within a state, in order to regulate and administer the sport within the described region. (3) To provide a basic plan by which such field archery associations may become affiliated with the National Field Archery Association. (4) To foster, expand, promote and perpetuate the practice of field archery and any other archery games as the NFAA may adopt and enforce uniform rules, regulations, procedures, conditions, and methods of playing such games. (5) To encourage the use of the bow in the hunting of all legal game birds and animals, and to protect, improve, and increase the sport of hunting with a bow and arrow. (6) To conduct a continuous educational program designed to acquaint the public and the archer with the use of the bow as a recreation and a weapon suitable for the hunting of legal game. (7) To conduct tournaments to determine national championships in all archery games adopted by the NFAA and to provide sanctions for tournaments. (8) To develop programs dedicated to the conservation and preservation of game and its natural habitat, and to cooperate with the federal and state agencies and sportsman and conservation organizations also dedicated to this purpose. (9) To cooperate with other archery associations to foster and perpetuate the use of the bow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions. (10) To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship among all archers. (11) To evolve and conduct programs that will give recognition to archers for proficiency with the bow and arrow in all sanctioned competition and hunting accomplishments. (12) To regularly inform each member, in good standing, as to the major problems and issues affecting the sport of archery and hunting with bow and arrow, and/or to the action proposed or taken in order that the membership may make its will known to their duly elected representatives.

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