The NFAA offers a complete league program to help local archery clubs start indoor and outdoor leagues. All material is preprinted and complete with instructions on how to set up and run your leagues. All NFAA chartered club may apply for the materials. Several league awards and patches are available to order.

The NFAA Foundation offers bow box rentals at a weekly or monthly rate. For more information, please contact 605-260-9282 or visit the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex website.

The National Field Archery Association offers liability insurance to NFAA chartered clubs and pro shops through Sadler & Company at a discounted rate. NFAA memberships include individual limited liability for NFAA bowhunters. See details at

The NFAA offers a diverse awards program for bowhunters and target archers. Awards are available at the National, Sectional, State and Club level. For additional details regarding the available awards programs, please reference the NFAA Constitution and Bylaws or contact headquarters at 605-260-9279.

Shooter of the Year (SOY):

Professional SOY categories: Professional Male, Professional Female, Professional Senior.

*If an archer has competed in a Professional or Adult/Senior Championship division in the current year, he/she is considered a Professional for SOY purposes.

Amateur SOY categories: Amateur Male, Amateur Female.

*Amateur status refers to any archer that competes in the 3-Star Adult, Senior, Flight, Junior, or Young Adult Championship divisions.

To qualify for SOY, archers must shoot in the following events: The Vegas Shoot, NFAA Indoor Nationals, First Dakota Classic, NFAA National Marked 3D, NFAA Outdoor National Field. The highest cumulative points from all 5 events will determine the SOY winners. Points will be calculated by adding final scores from all 5 events plus the final x count for The Vegas Shoot, NFAA Indoor Nationals, and the First Dakota Classic. Each x will count as an additional point.

For professional divisions only, a podium bonus will be awarded for the top 3 scores at all 5 events in the male and female category (3 points for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd place). SOY payouts will be awarded for top place winners in the professional categories. Payout amounts are based on the number of professional memberships in the male, female, and senior categories.

Art Young Awards:

The Art Young program offers a variety of Big Game and Small Game awards for NFAA Bowhunters. The purpose of the Art Young awards is to promote interest in bowhunting, to encourage good sportsmanship and to give recognition by the organized field archers to their members who obtain game with the bow.

An Art Young Big Game pin and a NFAA Big Game patch shall be given for the first example of each species taken with a bow and arrow. The Art Young Small Game Arrowhead Pin shall be given upon taking the first six species of small game. An Art Young Small Game patch shall be available. For each additional four species taken by a member an additional award in the form of a bar with the number four shall be presented to the hunter. There shall be no limit to the number of bars, which may be earned.

Bowhunter pins are earned based on the number of Big Game and Small Game awards received. The four levels of Bowhunter are Bowhunter Pin, Expert Bowhunter Pin, Master Bowhunter Pin and Grand Master Pin.

All Art Young awards applicants must submit the proper documentation to headquarters. Please visit the Documents page or call headquarters at 605-260-9279.

20 and 15 Pin Awards:

These awards may be won in the NFAA Field, Hunter or International Round with a distinctive pin and set of bars for each round. An archer shall become eligible for these awards upon shooting a twenty score on any field or hunter target or upon shooting a fifteen on any International target on a officially approved NFAA course using official NFAA targets while competing in a State, Sectional or National tournament or a NFAA sanctioned club tournament. An Animal Perfect Pin can be earned by shooting a score of 20 or higher on all 14 targets of a 14 target unit for a total score of 280 or higher on a 14-target course.

500 Club and Perfect Club:

Any member who records a score of 500 or more, from the adult stakes, on a NFAA Field round or NFAA Hunter round or combination of 14 Field – 14 Hunter, shall be eligible to join the NFAA 500 club.

Any member who records a perfect score from the adult stakes on an NFAA Field Round or NFAA Hunter Round, or combination of 14/15 Field – 14/15 Hunter, 28 NFAA Animal, or the International Round, shall be eligible to join the NFAA Perfect Club. Any member who records a perfect score on any NFAA official indoor round shall be eligible to join the NFAA Perfect Club.

500 Club and Perfect Club awards must accomplished on a NFAA approved course or indoor range, at a NFAA sanctioned tournament.

NFAA Service Pins:

Cumulative membership in the NFAA is recognized by the awarding of an appropriate lapel pin. Periods of membership awarded are 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years. Pins are automatically awarded by headquarters after the membership anniversary.

Fellowship of the Robinhood:

Any member who telescopes an arrow, previously lodged in the highest scoring area of a target during an NFAA sanctioned event, shall be eligible for recognition in the Fellowship of Robinhood.

Compton Medal of Honor:

The Compton Medal of Honor is known as the most highly esteemed award in all archery. It is awarded sparingly and only in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding and unselfish contributions to archery. An NFAA committee is appointed and in charge of safeguarding the future of the award. In conjunction with receiving the Compton Medal of Honor and lapel pin, the recipient will automatically be awarded an Honorary NFAA Lifetime Membership.

Past recipients include: Erik Watts, Chuck Adams, James Easton, Bennie Mooer, Hugh Rich, Dr. Jim Shubert, Marlene Crim, Erv Kreischer, Al Henderson, Gil Boenig, Robert Simms, Ben Pearson, Fred Bear, Paul Klopsteg, Roy Hoff, Arnold Hagen, Glenn St. Charles, John Yount, Tracy Stalker, W.B. Wescott, Karl Palmatier, A.J. Michelson, Roy Case, George Brommers.

NFAA President’s Award:

The NFAA President’s Award is known as the second highest honor presented by the NFAA and is awarded sparingly in recognition of outstanding service to the archery community. The recipient of the NFAA President’s Award shall be chosen solely by the current President of the NFAA.

NFAA Medal of Merit:

The NFAA Medal of Merit is awarded sparingly in recognition of unselfish contributions to field archery and its closely allied activities. The inscription, “Opera, Artes, Honor” (Works, Skills, Honor) which appear on the medal, serve as the measure.

Worthy members of the NFAA may be nominated for the Medal of Merit by State Director, Section Councilman, NFAA Chairman or the NFAA Council.

Past recipients include: Dixie Garner, Bob McCutcheon, Kenneth Lockridge, George Ossola, Ed Little, Jim Simmons, Charles Walker, H.A. Pete Budding, Bob Rogers, Glenn Schultz, Charlotte Hazelwood, Edwin Foerster, Barbara Foerster, Tommy Lea, Marvin Waymack, Jack Gantt, Paul Double, Butch Kughn, Jerry Miller, Patricia Bridge, Chuck Crowell, Joe Becker, Joan Becker, Bert Malech, Joyce De Neui, Maurice Mendenhall, Walter Rueger, Dan Dandino, Jo McCubbins, Doug Walker, Channon Hupp, Tim Atwood, Jess Stalcup, Phyllis Stalcup, Bill Brereton, Eldon Epley, Ken Rogers, Charles Bledsoe, John Slack, Bennie Mooer, Earl Foster, Millie Foster, Lillian Miller, Bill Boyle, Jimmy Locke, Dick Phillips, Fred Daniels, Bob Lambuth, Debbie Hernandez, Tommy Doerr, Betty Conover, Jim Conover, Nancy Lee Western, Maxine Bohlman, Patsy Pocock Fred Pocock, Gary Stuker, Al Miller, Mary Ann Twohey, Harold Woods, David Strimple, Nancy Ambruster, Eleanor Brooks, Sara Stites, Mary Sanders, Ray Howard, Al Chrisman, Jean Lake, Jo Ann Hunnicutt, Evelyn Buckley, Russell Fiers, Phyllis Butters.

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