Easton/NFAA Scholarship Program

The NFAA Scholarship Committee will review and rank the applications, place each applicant into the appropriate category and present their suggestions to the Joint Scholarship Approval Committee for their approval. The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee, consisting of two Directors of the National Field Archery Association Foundation and two Directors of the Easton Foundations, will make a joint decision on winners and the final amounts for each scholarship.

The NFAA National Office will notify all applicants if their application was denied or approved, and the amount of the scholarship. If approved, it will also describe the procedure for the scholarship payment.

For all scholarships greater than $500, the recipient will receive an Archery Activity Report form that must be completed and sent to the NFAA National Office twice a year, showing their archery activities during the year.

  • The maximum amount of all scholarships for the first three years will be $50,000 per year. The goal is to provide 50% of the scholarships to recurve archers and 50% to compound archers. A secondary goal will be to split the scholarships equally between men & women.
  • Applicants must be a member of the NFAA or the NAA/USA Archery.
  • Applicants that are not graduating from high school in the current year (JOAD, NASP, junior high, or high school freshman/sophomore archers) may apply.
    • For this group, any approved scholarships will be held by the Foundation until the student notifies the Foundation they are graduating from high school, and the name of the qualified school they plan to attend.
  • High school applicants must be applying to be full time students at a two or four year college/university or a technical training college (these are considered qualified schools).
    • Applicant must maintain a 2.0 GPA minimum on a 4.0 scale in the current year.
  • College applicants must be full time students at either a two or four year college or university.
    • Applicant must maintain a 2.5 GPA minimum on a 4.0 scale in the current year.
  • Scholarship recipients must compete in archery during the entire academic year.
  • Olympic, PanAm, or World Team members that have graduated from college may apply for training grants.
  1. JOAD, NASP, Junior High, High School, Junior College or Trade College Students: Eligible for $500 scholarships.
  2. College Freshmen, Sophomore, or Juniors: Scholarship amounts will vary between $500‐2,500 based on the archer’s accomplishments, future competition plans, and the following:
    • Applicant is attending college, participates in the college archery club program, and is shooting competitively. Applicant is attending a college that does not have an archery club program, but the student is shooting competitively on their own.
      • If the student starts a new archery club program at their school, this will be a major factor to receive a scholarship the next year.
      • Students that are more successful starting archery clubs will be considered for greater scholarship amounts.
  3. If the Applicant has made the current Olympic, PanAm, or Other International Team through the USA Archery selection process: Scholarship amounts will vary between $2,500‐5,000 based on the archer’s accomplishments and future competition plans.
    • The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee may approve a ‘training grant’ for Olympic, PanAm, or World Team members that have graduated from college, and allow them to use the grant to pay for training, and competition travel expenses without needing to be spent on the archer’s education. (Though this situation is expected to be rare, it will allow top US archers to apply for financial support.)
  4. The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee has the discretion to create a larger scholarship for an extraordinary applicant (up to $20,000) depending on special circumstances and the Applicant’s accomplishments.

Criteria The following criteria will be used by the NFAA Scholarship Committee to assign the applications to the appropriate scholarship level and to rank the applicants.

  1. The applicant’s prior year end USAT Ranking, and their current year ranking at the time the application was submitted.
    • Senior Mens’ & Senior Womens’ Recurve or Compound
    • Junior Boys’ & Junior Girls’ Recurve or Compound
  2. Is (was) the applicant a Resident Athlete at the Olympic Training Center.
  3. Is (was) applicant a member of the US Olympic, PanAm or other International Team?
  4. Is (was) the applicant a JOAD Olympian or Junior World Team member?
    • Did applicant compete at the JOAD National Championships?
  5. Did the applicant participate at the USIAC in the prior year?
  6. Did the applicant participate in the NAA or NFAA Sectional Tournaments in the prior year?
  7. Did the applicant participate in the NFAA Indoor, Outdoor, or 3-D Nationals in the prior year?
  8. Did the applicant participate in the World Archery Festival’s 3-Star Tour in the prior year?
  9. Did the applicant participate in the NASP National Championship?
  10. The applicant’s GPA, college entrance scores, and community support activities, are important Ranking Selection Criteria, and will be considered after evaluating the applicant’s archery experience and capability to improve/enhance future US Archery Teams.

The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee will make the final determination of which students will receive scholarships and the amount of each scholarship.

NFAA Scholarship Program Information

How can you become eligible for the NFAA Scholarship?

  • All applicants must be at least a senior in high school or enrolled in an institution of higher education.
  • All applicants must be current members of NFAA and have been a member of the NFAA for at least two (2) years.

How many scholarships will be given each year?

The number of scholarships to be given each year will be determined by the Scholarship Committee, based on funds available and number of qualified nominees.

Will the scholarships be given to the person finishing high school with the best grade point average?

Scholastic achievements are not the main requirement, but will be weighed in their proper balance during the selection process.

How much will the scholarship amount per winner be?

The minimum amount will be $100, but the actual amount will be based on the amount available in the scholarship fund at the time of selection.

How can you apply for the NFAA Scholarship?

If you meet the qualifications above, write or call NFAA Headquarters for an application. The completed application must be mailed to National Field Archery Association, 800 Archery Lane, Yankton, SD 57078. All applications are due (postmarked) by December 31 to be considered for the following year.

If I am selected to receive the NFAA Scholarship, when and how will I receive it?

A confirmation letter to the winner(s) of the NFAA Scholarship will be mailed in April. During August of said year, the NFAA will forward the award in the form of a check to the cashier of the institute of higher education of the recipient’s choice for deposit to the student’s financial account to be used as the student sees fit. If the student decides not to attend an institution of higher learning, the amount will be returned to the NFAA Scholarship Fund.

Applications for the NFAA Scholarship must be mailed (postmarked) to NFAA Headquarters no later than December 31. Please include a picture.

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