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First Dakota Classic

April 28 - 30, 2017

Join us on the final leg of the 3 Star Tour: April 28-30, 2017. The First Dakota Classic is an indoor distance tournament featuring the NFAA Classic round and is a money shoot, guaranteeing 70% payback in all Flight and Championship categories. 2016 offers payout guarantees in all Championship and Flight divisions.

The First Dakota Classic will feature a qualification round, followed by head-to head eliminations. The qualification round will be the NFAA Classic 600. The round will consist of 4 ends of 5 arrows shot at 3 distances, beginning with the closest distance. 4 minutes allowed for each end. The target will be the 6-ring center spot of the 92 cm WAF target face with gold-red-blue, etc. (10 through 6) scoring areas. The x ring will be used as a tiebreaker. Cub distances will be 10-20-30 yards, Youth distances will be 30-40-50, and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 40-50-60 yards.

Following qualification, the archers in each division will be ranked by score and placed into a head-to-head bracket. All archers will advance to an elimination round, either inside or outside depending on division.

Head-to-head competitions will be the same target face as the qualification round and will consist of 3 ends of 5 arrows, Cubs at 30 yards, Youth at 50 yards and Young Adults/Flights and Championship at 60 yards. Winners will be determined by the total score of the 3 ends, with the x counting as a tiebreaker only in the Flight and Junior divisions. If a tie still remains, the winner will be determined by a single-arrow shoot-off. Each archer will shoot one arrow and the arrow that lands closest to the middle wins the match. If no winner can be decided, the process is repeated until a winner is found. All participants will be allowed a practice end prior to scoring their first head-to-head match of the day.

Participants may enter one division and category. You will remain in the same division the entire tournament. The number of entries in that division will determine the number participants in each Flight or Head-to-Head bracket.

Please note, a Second Chance Tournament will be held outside. Please make sure you bring any additional equipment required for your outdoor setup. Distances and target face used in the Second Chance Tournament will be the same as the ranking round.

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Best Western Kelly Inn

1607 East South Dakota Highway 50
Yankton, South Dakota 57078
Phone: (605) 665-2906
King: $94
Double Queen: $102
Within walking distance of the Complex!

Holiday Inn Express

2607 Broadway Avenue
Yankton, South Dakota 57078
Phone: (605) 665-3177

Econo Lodge

611 W 23rd Street
Yankton, South Dakota 57078
Phone: (605) 689-3400

Yankton Missouri River KOA (Campground/ Cabins)

807 Bill Baggs Road
Yankton, South Dakota 57078
Phone: (605) 260-1010
Mention the 1st Dakota Classic for Special Rates!

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