Indoor Nationals

March 15 - 17, 2019

Join us on the second leg of the 19th Annual 3 Star Tour, March 15-17, 2019. The NFAA Indoor Nationals brings together the top NFAA archers from around the U.S. to shoot the iconic 5 spot, blue and white face. Nearly 2,000 archers competed in 2018 for a chance at a National title. The Duke Energy Center, in downtown Cincinnati, offers a top-notch tournament venue with nearly 200,000 square feet of shooting and vendor space.

The National tournament is open to all current NFAA and USA Archery members. The round shot is NFAA 300 at blue/white face. Archers’ choice single or 5 spot target shooting 12, 5 arrow ends at 20 yards, total score of 300 per day. For equipment questions, please reference the NFAA Constitution and Bylaws or contact your NFAA State Director.




Adult, Senior, Silver Senior, & Master Senior Divisions
$100 Early Registration/$150 after 3.4.2019

Bowhunter Freestyle
Freestyle Limited
Freestyle Limited Recurve
Crossbow (Adult Division Only)

Junior Divisions
$80 Early Registration/$130 after 3.4.2019
Bowhunter Freestyle
Freestyle Limited Recurve

Professional Divisions
$240 Early Registration/$290 after 3.4.2019

Practice Pass $15
Bow Storage $10

Cancellations will be excepted until 3.4.2019. All cancellations will be charged a $25 administration fee. All cancellation requests must be received in writing on or before 3.4.2019. No refunds will be considered on or after 3.5.2019.

After the cancellation deadline, we can not offer refunds due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues. Please submit refund requests to or by mail at 800 Archery Lane, Yankton, SD 57078.






Click above to make reservations on the 2019 NFAA block.

Hotel Walking Distance
Millennium Hotel 1 minute
Hilton Netherland Plaza 2 minutes
Hyatt Regency 2 minutes

For assistance in booking your hotel rooms, please email

The NFAA has worked with the area hotels to provide blocks of a high-quality standard at a discounted rate. For the best customer service and guaranteed hotel rooms, attendees and exhibitors should make their reservation through Cincinnati Housing. All rooms made on the NFAA block can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to the reservation.

2018 Rules


Early-registrations must be received on or before February 26, 2018. Registration received after this date will pay the regular registration fee. Phone registrations accepted only with credit card payment.


Late registration will be accepted at the tournament site on Friday, March 9 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.


All registrations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations must be made in writing on or before February 26, 2018. No refunds will be issued on or after February 27, 2018. Please email all cancellation requests to


Payment must be made in full at the time of tournament registration. Payments made to the NFAA that are insufficient or invalid will incur a fee up to $50.


All archers must hold a current membership in the NFAA or USA Archery to compete for NFAA awards. Payment of membership fees will be required if current membership cannot be verified. Professional archers must be members of NFAA and the NFAA Professional Division.


All shooters must have proof of NFAA or USA Archery membership at the tournament site.  All memberships are subject to verification at any time during the tournament.


This event is free and open to all Pros and archers under the age of 18. Friday evening, all young archers are invited to meet and practice with the NFAA Professionals.


2018 Professional payouts coming soon. First three places guaranteed. Subsequent places based on attendance.
All other Professional Divisions based on attendance. See NFAA Constitution for Payout Chart.
Silver Bowls and Medallions will be awarded to Division Champions.


Updated for 2018! Scoring Procedure: Each bale will have a single scorecard. The scoring rules (below) are printed on each clipboard. As a scoring group, archers must turn in the scorecard, clipboard, and tablet to the scoring team. If the official scorecard is not turned in, the scores will NOT count. White cards are not required. Archers will have the ability to print out their full scorecards on the official scoring link.

Scoring Rules: All scoring on the official scorecard must be completed in INK. Any changes on the official scorecard must be agreed upon and INITIALED by all archers in the scoring group.

Archers have been assigned a,b,c, or d placement. This determines the order for scoring. When scoring, archers identify who is the caller, scorer and target captain for their bale. The Captain helps to settle the final call on an arrow. If the group can’t determine a final score, then a line judge is called. a,b,c,d Physical Target Face placement is first-come-first-serve. Once a scoring group completes their round; they are to return the SCORECARD, CLIPBOARD, AND TABLET to the scoring team in their assigned shooting hall. It is each archer’s responsibility to ensure the group scorecard has been turned in to the scoring team. Archers are not required to complete an additional set of scorecards. The scoring tablets provide the backup scorecard. Archers can print or download their final scorecards from the official scoring link.


  1. Two whistle blasts = archers to the line. One whistle blast starts shooting and the clock. Three blasts =retrieve arrows & score. Four or more blasts Emergency stop shooting.  STOP IMMEDIATELY.
  2. You, the archer, are responsible for your equipment to comply with NFAA rules.  It is also your responsibility to confirm you are shooting in the correct style and division. If you are registered in the wrong division or style, this must be corrected prior to shooting your second day’s score.
  3. All archers will straddle the shooting line.  When finished shooting, please step behind the line.
  4. When using the NFAA Indoor Five Spot Target:  An archer may shoot any of the 5 spots in any order and shoot as many arrows into any one spot as the archer desires, not to exceed the prescribed number of arrows per end.  Scoring shall be five points for the combined 4 cm. X-ring and 8 cm. white ring and four points for the combined 12 cm. and 16 cm. blue rings.
  5. Prior to each shooting line there will be 2 ends of practice on your assigned target.  Scoring begins immediately after the two practice ends, no additional practice ends will be shot.
  6. Arrows must be shot within the 4-minute time limit.  If an arrow is shot after the whistle blows the highest scoring arrow will not count.  If you shoot more than 5 arrows, only the lowest 5 arrows will be scored.  Missed arrows are counted as shot arrows.  Additionally, a penalty of one point will be assessed for each arrow shot over the prescribed 5 arrows.
  7. There will be a foul line ten (10) feet in front of the shooting line.  If an arrow is dropped, within the ten (10) foot foul line, while the archer is in the act of shooting, another arrow may be shot.  Arrows passing beyond this line, will be considered shot.
  8. Witnessed bounce outs and pass through arrows will be re-shot after scoring of the last end of that round, on a target designated by the tournament officials.
  9. Maximum arrow diameter allowed is 0.422 inches with point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches.
  10. In the event of equipment failure, please raise your bow to signal an official.  You will have 15 minutes to repair or replace equipment.  One practice end will be allowed.  The archer will be allowed to shoot practice arrows during the 15 minutes of repair time; all arrows missed during the breakdown, will be shot after the final end.  Archers are granted only one equipment failure per day.
  11. Arrows touching the scoring line will count for the higher value.  The Target Captain shall rule on all questions on his/her target subject to appeal to a line judge.  An official will not be able to make a judgment on an arrow(s) value if the target butt, target face, arrow or any part of the arrow has been touched.  Judgments made by a line judge will be final.
  12. Archers must record X’s and numeric values of each arrow in each scoring box on the scorecard before touching or drawing any arrows from the target.
  13. Scorecards must have all totals correct and in the proper place.  A scorecard submitted with incorrect total(s) may be disqualified.
  14. EACH ARCHER MUST TURN IN THEIR GROUP SCORECARD WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF THE END OF THEIR ASSIGNED ROUND.  All scorecards must be turned in to a tournament official within thirty minutes after your shooting line finishes.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Failure to do so will result in your score not being recorded for that day’s round of competition.
  15. Ties for first, second and third place in the Professional Divisions will be determined by shoot off.  One practice end; then an end-by-end sudden death shoot off where only the x-ring scores 5 points until the tie is broken.  After each end, only those still tied with the highest score will continue in the shoot off. Each archer’s placement in the tournament will be determined by the order in which he/she drops out of the shoot off.  If more than one archer drops out of the shoot off in the same end, those archers will be placed based on their total score and X count, including the score and X’s accumulated in the shoot off, then first day score, first day X’s and so on.
  16. Ties for first place only, in the amateur Championship (First) Flights will be determined by shoot off.  Same shoot off format as above.  All other ties will receive duplicate awards.
  17. All protests must be in writing and turned in to the Tournament Chairman within one hour after the finish of the shooting line where the protest happened.  The protest must be accompanied by $50 cash.
  18. No alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed during shooting hours at the National Tournament.  Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately disqualified and not be allowed to complete the tournament.
  19. Any equipment that impairs the hearing of the competitor will not be allowed on the shooting line.  This is a safety issue and will be enforced.
  20. Pro Division Dress Code applies to all NFAA Pro Sanctioned Events including the 3-Star Tour Events.
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